Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Adventures in bathroom decorating

When we moved into our house, we decided to paint all of the bathrooms purple. Beyond that, the bathrooms haven't really received much attention other than getting some decent shower curtains in, and maybe some rugs. Aesthetically, I haven't been too concerned with the upstairs bathrooms yet since I'm the only one in the house who cares about bathroom presentation (hello, boys).

The downstairs powder room is a different story, and it is my current personal project. The powder room hasn't gotten much attention beyond a couple basics, and it's always driven me a little nuts. It's our bathroom for guests and when we're too lazy to walk upstairs to our private bathroom, so it sees a decent amount of traffic. Or at least it should, if we invited more people over and weren't such homebodies. I know that I like to be comfortable when using the facilities while a guest at someone else's house, and I want others to feel the same in mine. It should smell good and feel comfortable, not just a small step above a port-o-potty (we're not THAT bad, just a little lacking).

So, I figured I'd document my efforts to make our powder room much more welcoming than it's current, kind of cold and lonely self. Here it is currently:

A while back I bought that silver shelving from Target, but I plan on replacing it with a white, floating shelf and putting an assortment of candles/rocks/towels on it. The powder room used to be storage for the laundry room, but I've finally gotten all of that cleared out. I don't know what I'll do with the silver shelf... anyone out there looking for one?

My 1st challenge to myself was to make an amazing smelling powder room. I tormented myself trying to decide if I wanted a oil diffuser, candles, or a Glade auto-sprayer. I ended up picking up a Caldrea Fragrance Diffuser in the Orchid Violet scent from Target on sale, and OH MY GOD I'm so happy I did. It smells phenomenal. I'm going out of my way to use the powder room now just so I can smell it.

I've also picked up a candle tray from Bed Bath and Beyond, some purple rocks, and Chesapeake Bay brand candles from Home Goods. I'm in love with the Chesapeake Bay brand now, they made it so difficult to pick a flavor because they all smelled so amazing. I ended up going with a couple large Sun & Sand scented candles, and a couple multi-scent packs of smaller candles. They were such pretty colors, I couldn't put them down! Until I have the shelf put up, the large candles are hanging in my kitchen window with one of the multi-scent packs. See, I found a good use for one of the packs at least. Totally worth it. 

Hopefully I'll update soon with the new shelf and candles! 

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