Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Finds & Favorites

Happy May! It seems like we're starting to creep into an official summer here in Vegas, hitting the  90s today and nearly 100 tomorrow! I think I need to quit slacking on the sundress shopping. I finally caved and bought myself a couple maxi skirts a couple months ago, but even those sound stuffy in triple digit weather.

I love seeing Friday collections from blogs like Iowa Girl Eats and Lauren Conrad, so I thought it could be fun giving it a shot myself. This also seems like one of those kinds of posts you work on early and save a folder of links during the week, but today can be a little last minute since it's my first go at it. Plus, most of my finds and favorites are inspired by other blogs to begin with, and who really wants to read a entire blog post just about other blogs?

Favorite local find: It would appear we have a Sprouts Farmers Market nearby now, and talk on facebook about it is nonstop. I've never of it, but my impression after checking out their website and weekly deals is a favorable one! Plus, they've got bulk dried Turkish apricots - SOLD! I'm a sucker for any grocery place with bulk options for some reason.

Favorite throwback: This photo makes me feel so ready for a season of pools and beaches and delicious drinks! Oh, the things I would give to jump into that image right now! Dear cubicle walls, please turn into a time travel device? 

Favorite art find: Maleficent: The Cliff by nicholaskole B sent me a link to this painting this morning - GORGEOUS! I love/hate this artist. Fellow artists, you know the feeling.

Favorite drink: Fresh Strawberry Margarita Oh.. my... this has to happen! It should have happened 15 minutes ago (Hey, it's 11 a.m and a Friday, it's not THAT bad is it?)

Favorite deal: Starbucks Half Price Happy Hour May 1-10 I know I shouldn't. But I probably will. I've done so so well, I haven't had a frappucino in years I think. At least one year? Maybe two? I want to say at least a few. Once I heard how bad for you (let alone how they're made *shudder*) they were I began to avoid them, but there's a part of my soul craving that strawberry flavor again now (I blame you, margarita). All those healthy blogs I follow would be disgusted with me.

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